Bee Wild Raw Honey

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Bee Wild Raw Honey is a family owned and operated business, with 25 years of experience perfecting the production of Tupelo Honey. Here at Bee Wild Raw Honey we strive to bring the honey straight from the hive to your table. The beekeeper tending to the bees is the same person bottling and packaging the honey, we take pride in treating our customers like family. We specialize in Tupelo Honey, Tupelo Honey is the Queen of the honey world. Its soft, buttery sweetness is an addictive sensation and will quickly become the only honey you’ll want. The process of making high quality tupelo honey is not something every beekeeper knows. You have to know exactly when to place the bees and when to take the honey off to keep it as pure as nature allows. Throughout his years of production Bradley has always put quality over quantity when it comes to his honey.