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Tupelo Honey
White tupelo honey is sometimes called fine tupelo honey and is the most expensive honey because it is the most expensive to produce. Care must be taken by the beekeepers to clean the combs at the right time so that when the white tupelo gum tree blossoms, only the honey from these blossoms is collected. It is a prized, sweet and delicious light amber table honey with a greenish hue to it and it won’t granulate or crystallize.

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Weight 12.4625 lbs

2 thoughts on “Gallon Tupelo Honey

  1. I’m confused. The gallon jug says it is 12 lbs of honey. The next size down says it is 5 lbs. and weighs 80 oz. Therefore, the weight of the gallon would be expected to weigh more than twice the 5 pound size….192 oz, but it doesn’t. Please tell me if I am not thinking correctly. I wanted to place an order. Thank you so much, and I’m praying for everyone in your area… such devastation!

    1. Hi Denise, I’m so sorry we are just getting back in touch with you but our WiFi connections have been in and out ever since the storm. The Gallon is 12lbs – 3628 Grams- 192 oz, somehow the wrong numbers got inserted into the weight. I hope this answers your question. Thanks 🙂

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